The 8 Reasons To Use Encrypted Email (Secure Email Guide)

why use encrypted email

In today’s age of technology and information, cybercriminal activity is very much alive and well. Working in cybersecurity has taught me the importance of email encryption and protecting sensitive information like bank account details and passwords. So, let me show you eight reasons why you should use an encrypted email. The eight reasons to use … Read more

Encrypted Vs. Unencrypted Mail (A Quick Guide)

encrypted vs unencrypted mail

Many people cannot imagine a world without email, and those who are old enough to have lived in that world, probably struggle to remember it clearly. Email is one of the primary means professionals communicate throughout their workday. Yet, emails in themselves are less secure than traditional faxes.  Encrypted mail uses algorithms, or ciphertexts, to turn plain … Read more

Are Encrypted Emails Safe? (Important Facts to Know)

are encrypted emails safe

Working with compliance standards such as GDPR has taught me the importance of encryption and email security. Email encryption is significant because it restricts and safeguards access to sensitive information sent in communication. However, are encrypted emails safe? Encrypted emails are safe, although not entirely resistant to theft. Cybercriminals can still hack encrypted emails only … Read more

How secure can a WebApp be?

Using a WebApp to encrypt your emails is inherently less secure than encrypting your emails yourself. We provide a service for those who can’t encrypt their own email and we do everything possible to make Lavaboom easy to use while keeping the service as secure as possible. What specific tools do you use to encrypt … Read more

What is Secure Email?

Secure Email is a myth. Or so a lot of modern blogs make you believe. In fact this is partially true. We can only secure your email to a certain extent. However we try to make your messages as secure and imprenetable as they can get. How do you ensure your zero-knowledge privacy? We have … Read more